Guitar Clinic Featuring Guthrie Trapp and Josh Smith

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Guitar Clinic Featuring Guthrie Trapp and Josh Smith

It's truly hard to not be excited when the next Guitar Clinic is announced in our shop. This time around everything wasn't announced all at once.

After owner Mark Stoddard talked to Guthrie Trapp about doing a clinic and heard that Guthrie was all for it-we couldn't help but book him. Guthrie's Country licks as well as some of his more unique tracks on his latest album reflect his diversity and ability to hang in a lot of situations. Needless to say we were already chomping at the bit for the opportunity to see what he will lay down when he finally gets here.

Guthrie is known for his technical country infused riffs although his abilities behind 6 strings are extremely versatile! Here's Guthrie performing "Commodity" with his TAR Trio.

 Of course Guthrie is quite the amazing player to have on the ticket but we wanted to make this even more unforgettable. After looking through some other options we thought of Josh Smith. After a call we got the green light and Josh was booked!

Josh is known for his Blues guitar work with many different artist including Taylor Hicks and backing Mick Jagger. Josh recently got back from the Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea Cruise where he played with Joe Bonamassa, Kirk Fletcher, Jd Simo and Johnny A.

Here's a clip from the previous years cruise. Josh's Solo starts at 2:50

This is going to be one unbelievably valuable clinic and it's coming up soon. Pickup your clinic tickets now or be forced to live without this one for the rest of your picking life.

Tickets start at $30 and VIP tickets are also available which feature a half hour 1 on 1 lesson with either Josh or Guthrie. Pick your ticket at the link below!