Buying Guide

Studio Series
These are our “BEST” quality cables. Each of these uses superior cable design, higher quality metals such as silver plating and OFHC high purity copper for conductors and shield along with very high quality jacketing and insulation materials. These are designed to have high conductivity and low resistance along with capacitance in the sweet spot range to provide for the best possible signal transmission. The Ultramafic cable is our best “Lava Designed” cable in this range.

Premium Series
These are our “BETTER” quality cables. They are designed to be rugged and use quality OFHC high purity copper for conductor and 98% braided shielding and plug designs like G&H’s patented Clear Connect Technology where the plugs are high pressure crimped on cable without solder. They are our best balance of quality and price. The Clear Connect cable is the best cable in this range.

Standard Series
These are our “GOOD” quality cables. Designed with affordability in mind, they provide and excellent balance of quality and price. Standard Bare Copper is used for the conductors and the spiral 85% shielding. Capacitance is in the sweet spot range and the Blue Demon and Black Demon are the best cables in this range.

To further aide in purchasing decisions, here’s a ranked quality listing from Best (low number) to Good (high number):

Instrument Cables:

  1. Van Den Hul Lava
  2. Ultramafic
  3. Soar
  4. Clear Connect
  5. Lava ELC (Vintage and American Stadium)
  6. Blue and Black Demon
  7. All Coils – these are ranked here due to being a little higher in capacitance
  8. Pink Diamond
  9. Magma


Speaker Cables

  1. Van Den Hul Inspiration Hybrid
  2. Tephra, Kimber 4VS


Solder-Free and Soldered Kits

  1. Lava Soldered Kit High End Kit (Mini Ultramafic)
  2. High End Tightrope Kit (Tightrope Ultramafic)
  3. Lava Soldered Kit (Mini ELC)
  4. Lava Solder-Free Kit (Mini ELC)
  5. Tightrope Solder-Free Kit
  6. Lava 229 Kit
  7. Mini Soar Kit

Note: On kits, the soldered rank a little higher due to the single soldered point and included insulators that prevent shorting and increase reliability.

Microphone Cable: Our Fountain microphone cable is a no-compromise 4-condutor cable that is comparable in quality to all the major brands out there. It falls under our Studio Series for quality.

Note on Coils: All coils are higher in capacitance due their length. This often makes a great combination for bright “Fender-Style” amps. Ours are separated from the others by an industry unique hybrid polymer outer jacket that was designed for marine applications.