Ultramafic Flex Patch Cable

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The Ultramafic Flex is Lava Cable’s newest high end cable and a more flexible version of our Ultramafic Cable. It is a low capacitance cable featuring two low strand count 20 gauge sliver plated copper conductors, triple shielding and a 98% braided shield. The Ultramafic Flex provides superior noise and RF rejection. Each cable comes with G&H Black & Gold Right Angle Plugs. This cable provides excellent frequency response and excels particularly for gain tones. The cable and plugs are made in the USA and assembly is done at our facility in Owasso, OK. 

Plug Choice Menu Descriptions:

1/4 to 1/4 = Straight to Straight
R/A to 1/4 = Right Angle to Straight
R/A to R/A = Right Angle to Right Angle