Vulcan 50 AMP Head Preorder Special

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The Vulcan 50 is a two-channel Class A/B 50-Watt hand wired tube amp built to specifications created by Vulcan Amplification CEO Mark Stoddard base on his 35 years experience as a semi-professional guitarist as well as years of work in the electronics industry, and building an amplifier at a Bruce Egnater amp building seminar. With lush reverb and a ton of usable features, this amp is best described as providing both American clean tones and British style gain tones on steroids. The amp sounds great at any volume and is extremely pedal friendly. The amp's most unique feature is an industry first built in Fuzz. Purposely matched with a ported 1 X 12 cabinet loaded with a Celestial Creamback, the Vulcan 50 is a huge sounding, Swiss-Army style amplifier that delivers on every level and sounds killer in any live or recording application. Hand wired in the USA.



Power: 50 Watts
Channels: 2, switchable
Weight: 31 pounds
Size: 11.25" (D) X 21.5" (W) X 17.75" (H)
Preamp Tubes: 5 X 12AX7
Power Tubes: 2 X 6L6 or EL34
(Bias Control Point – can use 5881's or other equivalents)
Mid, Bright and Tight Switches (Each Channel)
Volume and Gain (Each Channel)
EQ Bass, Mid and Treble (Each Channel)
Reverb Level (Each Channel)
Input: High
Speaker Outs: 2
Effects Loop
Line Out
Cab Sim Out: XLR, with ground lift and level switch
Ohm Selector Switch: 4, 8, 16
Footswitch solo boost (Both Channels)
Footswitch Fuzz (Both Channels) Not Shown in Images
Cab: 1 X 12 ported with Celestion Creamback, weight: 37 pounds


Available June 1st